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Mobility Products
  Active Mobility, Inc.

We believe that being good citizens means channeling our resources into programs that improve the quality of life for others. That's something we take very seriously at Active Mobility; it's part of being "a good business steward." Active Mobility offers help in a number of ways... by providing equipment and financial aid to qualified individuals, by simply contributing our time and energy wherever and whenever possible.

Our Vision:
To be the leading provider of mobility equipment serving the needs of all those with walking challenges.

Our Mission:
To achieve excellence in providing walking mobility equipment, and to do so with the highest standard of integrity and ethics.

Who We Are:
We believe that no two patients are alike.

We offer a choice of products and services so that every patient can find the right solution for them. We believe choice — the right choice — empowers. We offer one of the broadest arrays of mobility products in the mobility durable medical equipment (DME) industry. We offer tools, information and support, when, where and how patients want them. By making informed decisions about their mobility needs, patients can get the right individualized solution.

We strive to bring quality outcomes to the patient. It is how we help people improve their lives. Our patients can better manage mobility concerns resulting from health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, among many others, through our customer-first mentality. Patients get the results they want, because we provide mobility solutions that will perform for the long term. It is our focus, our commitment and the choices we offer that bring our business of caring to life and, ultimately, assist in the delivery of quality mobility solutions' to the patients we serve.




Power Chairs
Wheel Chairs
Stair Lifts
Porch Lifts
Portable Ramps
Turning Automotive Seats
Car & Van Lifts
For more information about our products contact us at 1.800.544.7460
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