Transportation Project Manager

To manage and direct the functions and operations of the Transportation Division to improve safety and mobility within the city.

Provide strategic leadership, managing the Mobility Master Plan, managing traffic impact analysis and engineering studies, managing traffic control devices, monitoring sign and striping maintenance.

Corresponding with citizens about their concerns and/or complaints, managing consultants and capital projects, providing recommendations in matters regarding traffic and transportation.

Provide services in the areas of traffic and transportation engineering and design, including: Intersection Design, Traffic Signal Design, Street Light Design, ADA ramp design, bicycle facilities design, trail design, parking study and design, Traffic Calming, Traffic Signal; Warrant Analysis, Roadway Design, Traffic Signal Timing, and Traffic Management Plans.

Oversee routes, productivity improvement, planning and organization, problem solving, project management and communication to top-level management.

Manage and direct the operational functions while being the key link between the organization, and clients.

Review studies, plans or specifications.

Learn and design new technologies related to AV/CV implementation, DSRC, 5G etc.

Special projects as assigned.

Attend meetings with clients and public meeting as necessary.


Master’s degree in in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a focus on Transportation or Traffic Engineering or related, plus 4 years of experience as a Transportation Project Manager, Transportation Engineer, or related. Requires 4 years of experience managing small to mid-sized projects and working on such projects, which include, but is not limited to:

  1. Traffic Signal Coordination
  2. Traffic Operational Analysis
  3. Complete Streets and Planning
  4. Traffic Impact Study
  5. Simulation using SIMTRAFFIC

Also requires 4 years of experience working in signal coordination, traffic control systems, traffic operational analysis, simulation and modeling, complete streets and planning; compiling and evaluating key data required in corridor, parking, circulation, and safety studies; with a variety of transportation software packages including Synchro, SimTraffic, SIDRA, and HCS; various traffic signal controllers such as Intelight, 2070E, Cobalt, ASC 2/3, 170E and controller software’s such as BiTrans 200/233RV, McCain 2033, Caltrans C.X, TSCP 2.X, D4, MAXTIME and Apogee; and various central management systems such as McCain Transparity TMS, Quicknet Pro, CUBIC Trafficware, Intelight MaxView, MIST and Wapiti.


Please send resumes to: Advanced Mobility Group, 3003 Oak Road, Suite 100, Walnut Creek, CA 94597.



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