Our Story

With the advancement of technological evolution, there is no doubt that we are in a new era of redefining mobility.

This evolution is expected to improve user choice of transportation options, reduce negative environmental impacts and significantly improve road and traffic safety. As we replace petroleum fuel with alternative fuels, including technology based fuel, we must consider rapid advances in the human factor to enable our smart growth in our communities and our local economies.  The ultimate goal is accessible, affordable, and abundant transportation options.

Advanced Mobility Group (AMG) is one step ahead of emerging trends. We know that cars are expected to be the third largest mobile device in the near future.  Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is gaining momentum in Europe and soon will be available in our communities in North America. Sooner than we think, the concept of auto ownership and auto maintenance will become outdated. Our experts are quick to, not only adapt to emerging trends, but also quick to guide these trends with people, policy and smart adoption, shaping our proven strategic approach with rigor and vision. AMG stewards disruptive technologies to empower the private and public sector in early adoption of advanced transportation solutions with an intelligent infrastructure. Our senior consultants are thought-leaders in the industry, and have been leading with advanced technologies, connected and smart communities, Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), and innovative application solutions within the transportation sector. We are experts in assisting you with funding your next generation of transportation infrastructure and programs by building private and public partnerships.

AMG specializes in transportation consulting services including: technology facilitation, building connected communities, program management, mobility management, and providing Innovative Transportation Solutions through innovative transportation engineering and planning. We are passionate about helping our clients change the world for a better, more sustainable future during this era of redefining mobility. This is why we formed this group. This is our story.