511 Contra Costa

Contra Costa County, California
We assist our clients in delivering Transportation Demand Management (TDM) solutions in their communities to provide transit accessibility and alternative modes of transportation for residents. We aim to help reduce travel time and congestion, improve air quality, generate cost savings, and support community livability and public health objectives. AMG staff assist 511 Contra Costa to execute their comprehensive TDM program 24/7 assisting commuters by encouraging the utilization of shared modes of transportation, bicycling, walking, ridesharing (carpool, vanpool, transit, train), and telecommuting. AMG delivers comprehensive support at every stage, including TDM planning; program development; communications, marketing, and outreach support; and TDM operations and evaluation.

AMG staff currently manage the CCTA’s 511 Contra Costa Program which provides countywide commute transportation and community-based programs to educate and encourage the public to use active modes of transportation. The TDM program encourages more efficient use of our existing transportation infrastructure without costly expansions required to support additional capacity. TDM measures have been recognized as one of the most cost-effective ways to counter the economic, social, and environmental costs associated with increasing single-occupancy vehicle travel.