CCTA Program Management, Project Delivery, And Project Control Services

Contra Costa County, California
AMG staff are providing project management and project delivery oversight services for Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s (CCTA’s) $2 billion transportation program. We act as an extension of CCTA staff —with many similar responsibilities performed by CCTA personnel, including project administrative and financial support, strategic planning and strategic plan development support, public involvement and public participation services, program and project reporting, and procurement support.

Our vast program management experience includes managing major transportation (highway, transit, and local roads) from inception through construction closeout; implementing program and project management controls for large programs of varying project types and funding sources; and innovative project delivery (express lanes, ITS, and SAV transportation technologies). Additionally, we are assisting with local, regional, state, and federal funding and programming processes, utilizing our knowledge of MTC, Caltrans, and federal allocation requests, invoicing, auditing, and contracting.

511 Contra Costa 
AMG staff currently manage CCTA’s 511 Contra Costa Program which provides countywide commute transportation and community-based programs to educate and encourage the public to use active modes of transportation and inspire more efficient use of our existing transportation infrastructure without costly expansions required to support additional capacity.

GoMentum Station Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Program
The CCTA leads and facilitates a collaborative partnership among public and private transportation professionals in research development, testing validation and commercialization of Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CV/AV) technologies to redefine the next generation transportation network infrastructure and mobility. AMG staff helped to co-found the innovative GoMentum Program and are currently managing all aspects – supporting planning, policy and legislation to CV/AV testing and operations.

Client: Contra Costa Transportation Authority