Shared Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Program

Contra Costa County, California
AMG is the program manager for CCTA’s Shared Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Program. The pilot program will deploy electric, low-speed, driverless, multi-passenger shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs) throughout Contra Costa County to solve first-and-last mile commuting challenges by connecting residents to transit at low cost with zero emissions. Authorized by California Assembly Bill 1592, the program is poised to become the first of this kind in the United States where autonomous shuttles will be sharing the road with drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

AMG staff are providing professional engineering and program management services required to plan, test and implementation the SAV Pilot Program in Contra Costa County. The program requires extensive collaboration among multidisciplinary visionaries in both the public and private sectors. Project activities include planning, procurement, testing, operations, legislative and regulatory approvals, innovative financing, development of the sustainable business model and consensus building with stakeholders.

AMG staff assisted CCTA in pioneering legislation to support program development and managed the initial testing and operations at GoMentum Station as well as on non-public roads within Bishop Ranch. AMG staff assisted in obtaining the necessary approvals from both National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the California Department of Motor Vehicles, in order to begin SAV testing on public roads.