TIMMA On-Call Planning, Project Controls, Policy And Engineering Services

San Francisco, California
AMG staff have been providing project controls support, planning, policy, and project delivery activities since 2012. AMG staff manage the day-to-day activities associated with the planning effort to develop initial policy recommendations for the TIMMA program and managing the systems engineering contract work. AMG oversees consultant work and deliverables; management of the project schedule; supports grant management; and coordinates stakeholder meetings, including the Technical Advisory Committee.

AMG provides management direction to develop pricing policies that will be implemented on Treasure Island, as well as helping develop the organizational structure for the new transportation agency to oversee the Treasure Island Congestion Pricing activities. AMG staff support TIMMA in the development of interagency agreements and lead the effort to evaluate options for a new ferry and water transportation option and Shared Autonomous Vehicle shuttles for Treasure Island

AMG staff are currently providing project management oversight services for the development of Treasure Islands’ TDM program. Responsibilities include management of the TDM consultant contract, preparation of the TDM and TAP plans, and input on public outreach and education materials for community engagement with residences, businesses, and the developer.

Client: San Francisco County Transportation Authority