AMG Leads in Advanced Traffic Signal Performance Measures

This week, AMG’s Joanna Liu presented at the Joint Texas and Western District 2018 Annual ITE Conference in Keystone, Colorado. The presentation focused on Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) in the City of Dublin, CA. By utilizing ATSPMs to modernize traffic signal management and provide high-resolution data, jurisdictions’ can effectively support objectives and performance-based maintenance and operations strategies to improve safety and efficiency while cutting congestion and cost.


About the City of Dublin ATSPM

Joanna Liu is currently supporting the City of Dublin in preparing reports from their ATSPM system to proactively identify traffic signal related issues and providing solutions to fix the issue. Utilizing the detailed data from the ATSPM reports, Joanna can determine the performance measures of the signal systems, including Purdue Coordination Diagram, arrival on green and red, approach delay, etc. This information is being used to time signals along corridors to improve performance measures.

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