Advanced Mobility Group (AMG) is passionate about expanding the safety of connected autonomous vehicles (CAV) and Automated Driving System (ADS) technologies. Under Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s (CCTA) leadership, we have worked tirelessly to help attract additional funding to propel these innovative transportation initiatives forward.

In September 2019, CCTA was awarded a $7.5 million competitive grant from the United States Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) to support a four-year ADS pilot program for three “real-world” demonstration projects. AMG was instrumental in the development of CCTA’s program which was designed in collaboration with other public and private sector partners such as County Connection, UC Berkeley PATH, UC Berkeley Transportation Sustainability Research Center (TSRC), AAA NCNU, Nissan USA, Verizon, Telegra, Local Motors, and Amazon Web Services.

The ADS Program of projects takes a data-centered approach toward development of essential safety measures that can be used for productive rulemaking with regards to autonomous vehicle (AV) technologies. The goal of these projects is to improve transportation in underserved communities in Contra Costa County, while also enhancing ADS and expanding shared mobility options available to residents.

AMG is leading the Program/Project Management activities and is responsible for performing day-to-day activities and managing the overall scope, cost, and schedule towards successful delivery of the program/project deliverables and adherence to USDOT program requirements. Additionally, AMG is overseeing activities performed by the Project Technical Team which consists of key partners’ technical staff, working collaboratively toward successful design, development, integration, and testing of the systems.

CCTA’s ADS program will deploy three separate ADS demonstration projects as follows:

PROJECT 1 – Rossmoor First Mile/Last Mile Shared Autonomous Vehicles, Walnut Creek, CA.

The project aims to increase transit accessibility for the elderly community using shared autonomous vehicles (SAVs). Data gathered will be used to develop safety performance measures and develop a consolidated safety performance plan.

PROJECT 2 – County Hospital, Accessible Transportation, Martinez, CA.

The project will provide on-demand, wheelchair accessible, autonomous vehicle (AV) shuttle service to people who don’t have transportation. Data will be gathered to develop safety performance measures and to provide accessible transportation to public health facilities, improving quality of life and medical appointment absenteeism.

PROJECT 3 – Personal Mobility on I-680 Corridor, Contra Costa County, CA.

The project will provide a 2-mile segment of the I-680 corridor in San Ramon for future Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CAV). The project will install new and upgraded vehicle-to- infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technologies such as DSRC and 4G/5G communications to accommodate both Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) technology and implementation of innovative operational strategies.

These projects will heavily rely on public feedback and engagement, which will be facilitated by CCTA, with support from AMG.

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