Advanced Mobility Group (AMG) provides a full-service connection protection solutions aimed at supporting enhanced transit operations by dynamically holding vehicles at bus stops to meet with connecting passengers. The solution is agnostic and can be integrated with any Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) systems.

What is Connection Protection?

AMG’s Connection Protection solution uses real time data to examine the arrival status of a transit vehicle and to transmit a hold message to a vehicle or other mode of transportation, such as rail, bus, and transportation network company (TNC), to ensure a successful transfer from one vehicle to another. This technological solution would allow a transit vehicle to wait several minutes and ensure that no commuter is left behind due to an unprotected connection.

Why Connection Protection?

AMG’s Connection Protection solution can provide a seamless travel experience for riders transferring between various transportation providers. This Connection Protection solution requires data sharing and open communication and coordination among multimodal transportation providers aims to improves transit reliability and trip time savings, along with providing the rider a pleasant, safe, and stress-free trip.

AMG Connection Protection Solution Fact Sheet