The 9th Annual Redefining Mobility Summit, hosted by CCTA and partners, was a landmark event in San Ramon, California, uniting leaders to discuss the future of transportation. AMG is proud to have played a role in co-creating and supporting this summit each year. The day sparked important conversations about transportation and showcased the new Glydcar by Glydways, an innovative driverless transit system set to transform Eastern Contra Costa County. The event also championed public-private partnerships and motivated the upcoming generation through showcasing local STEM projects.

Kudos to RMS Demo Zone contributors: Glydways, 511 Contra Costa/GoMentum Station, Humanetics, Beep’s Presto Autonomous Shuttle, Prop SF, May Mobility’s AV Toyota Sienna, and Aurora AV Trucking.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all RMS sponsors and attendees whose support and engagement have been instrumental in fostering dialogue and innovation. Your commitment has turned the summit into a beacon for new mobility solutions. Thank you for joining us in this transformative journey and contributing to the summit’s resounding success.