Street Smarts Diablo

Street Smarts Diablo | Bike education, outreach, and empowerment for youth.
Our team supports administration and management of the Street Smarts Diablo Program through the 511 Contra Costa Program. Street Smarts Diablo delivers bicycle and pedestrian safety programs at no cost to qualifying public schools in Central and East Contra Costa County. A large component of the program is education and outreach to elementary, middle and high school-aged youth:

  • Elementary School Bicycle Safety assemblies feature video clips and demonstrations to teach students the importance of wearing a helmet while riding bikes, skateboards, and scooters;
  • Middle School Walk & Roll Program promotes active transportation through bicycle blender demonstrations, free helmet fittings, participation incentives and safety education; and
  • High School Road Ready Program which provides a valuable opportunity for newly licensed (and soon-to-be licensed) teenage drivers to receive critical education that will keep them safe while behind the wheel of a car – or behind the handlebars of a bicycle. Students must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.