Our Services

Technology Facilitation

We are in a new era of advanced mobility and digital transformation. This involves a fundamental shift in the way business, commerce, and mobility are designed and implemented. At AMG we understand the importance of building a strategic vision and business plan in order to achieve the goals of a community. An example of this is the comprehensive program of GoMentum Station. We go beyond the tactical application of a specific project in favor of a holistic view of the connected, community-wide, future needs that deliver efficiencies for our clients while addressing near-term objectives.

Our technology facilitation services offer game-changing results, enabling our clients to achieve future mobility needs of their communities.

Program Management

Our program management expertise stems from our senior consultant’s experience in managing complex public-sector transportation programs.  Our Team members have successfully partnered with local, regional and state-wide agencies in the successful delivery of complex and diverse transportation programs.  Our approach is to partner with Agency staff, working as an extension of our clients’ staff in all aspects of program management and project delivery. Our program management services cover all aspects of project delivery including planning, programming, coordination, design, project controls, financial management, schedule analysis, technical services, procurement services, construction management, dispute/claims resolution, operations and maintenance.

What separates AMG from our peers is our expertise in funding, strategic visioning and system integration. Our senior team members have worked in leadership roles in the public sector and have extensive experience in consensus building, policy development and legislative approvals.

Mobility Options + Solutions

We assist our clients to deliver mobility solutions to enhance the utilization of shared mobility and active transportation. Programs provide people with viable travel choices that improve air quality, support healthy communities, and reduce congestion. AMG staff implement the Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s, comprehensive countywide vehicle trip reduction known as 511 Contra Costa. Programs also include Safe Routes To School programs aimed at educating and encouraging youth to safely use active forms of transportation with “Street Smarts”. AMG delivers comprehensive support at every stage, including: new technology pilots, planning, program development, communications, marketing, and outreach to cities, schools, colleges, businesses and transportation agencies.

Innovative Transportation Solutions

When combined with our technology facilitation and practical program management expertise, AMG’s innovative transportation solutions’ team bridges the gap between the past practices and being prepared for the future. Traffic engineering and transportation services provide our clients with different perspectives in preparing for the future while enhancing and maintaining current functional systems. We apply the latest innovative operational strategies, traffic operation simulations and control systems for all modes of travel to our planning and engineering projects. We analyze and design traffic signals and traffic signal control systems, roadways, arterials, freeway management systems and provide the latest decision support systems. Everyday AMG engineers improve the function of our transportation networks in our cities and communities. We are in the forefront of smart cities and assist our clients in navigating through the complexities of the latest technological developments. We work with our clients to embrace the present and be prepared for the future.

  • Transportation Technologies
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Smart Cities
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • ITS Strategic Planning
  • Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)
  • Active Traffic Management (ATM)
  • System Integration
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Advanced Traffic Signal Systems
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Parking Management Systems
  • Transportation Planning
  • Transit Planning Services
  • Advanced Public Transportation System
  • Modeling

Additional Services

Funding and Grant Proposal Preparation

Transportation programming is where planning meets implementation. Project review and selection for programming involves reviewing proposed project scopes, schedules, and costs to determine the likelihood of successful project delivery and consistency with the various funding requirements related to individual sources of transportation funding. Longer-term planning is focused into a shorter-term strategic plan to identify projects that provide a benefit to the transportation system in our client’s communities. The shorter-term plan involves identifying potential funding opportunities for the near-term projects and programs.

AMG team members have provided programming, funding, and grant assistance to various transportation authorities and congestion management agencies in the Bay Area region. The team’s familiarity with the multiple agencies involved in programming allows us to identify creative strategies that increase the likelihood of securing external funds. Constrained local and state budgets, combined with limited resources, are making funding programs increasingly more competitive and highlight the need for creative financing techniques.

AMG understands the highly competitive nature and the intricacies of the funding process at the federal, state, regional and local levels.  We also understand the significance of the once in a generation influx of federal transportation funding that will shortly hit the streets.  We assist our clients in obtaining external funding by meeting eligibility and procedural requirements and strategically pursuing grant funding to leverage internal funding sources.

AMG works to efficiently identify and pursue discretionary and competitive grant programs for transportation projects, as well as alternative financing mechanisms. Our services include research and analysis, technical writing and graphic design, fund management, and cash flow projection, and reporting and compliance.

AMG has been successful in winning and managing several USDOT grants, state SB1 grants, regional and other federal grants for our current clients. Recently, AMG successfully helped secure an additional $20 million in state and federal funding, through various competitive innovation grant programs to develop and deliver critical transportation projects in Contra Costa County.