Shared Autonomous Vehicle Pilot Wins the 2018 CTF Advanced Technology Program Award

Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), AMG and project partners receive the 2018 CTF Advanced Technology Award for work on the Shared Autonomous Vehicle (SAV) Pilot Program. Partners traveled to Orange County for the award ceremony on May 24, 2018.

Congratulations to the entire team!

About the Program

The SAV Pilot Program will deploy the first shared autonomous vehicles (SAV) to operate on public roads in the United States. SAV technology offers a new and innovative way for public agencies and private partners to address the growing first-and-last mile mobility challenges Californians face as they navigate their daily commutes and local errands. CCTA, BART, County Connection and cities in the county have collaboratively developed an ambitious deployment plan that will ultimately include a fleet of SAVs operating at transit stations and activity centers.

The goal of the Pilot Program is to offer Contra Costa communities a practical and convenient way to access transit stations by eliminating the first-and-last mile challenge associated with asking residents to not drive to a transit station and park. SAVs will provide an advanced technology solution to this challenge resulting in reduced congestion, increased accessibility and mobility while encouraging transit as a mode choice for commuters. More specifically, this innovation will result in reduced GHG emissions and VMT while increasing job opportunities for county residents.

Cultivating this Pilot Program involved extensive collaboration among multidisciplinary visionaries in both the public and private sectors. It involved ground-breaking partnering, planning, procurement, legislative and regulatory approvals, and innovative financing.

Project Team

Contra Costa Transportation Authority; GoMentum Station; AMG; Stantec; EasyMile; First Group/First Transit; Bishop Ranch