Express Lanes

Express lanes are one of the high-tech strategies being implemented in the Bay Area and throughout the country to keep people moving on existing roadways using proven technology, engineering expertise, and dynamic pricing. When compared to High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) only lanes, express lanes maximize the efficiency of the entire roadway by offering the excess capacity to solo drivers willing to pay a toll — offering drivers the opportunity to purchase a faster trip, with speeds generally 10mph faster than the regular lanes during peak commute. Express lanes implement dynamic pricing—varying toll costs based on real-time traffic levels in the Express Lane—ensuring traffic in the lane continues to flow.

I-580 Express Lanes, Alameda County
The I-580 Express Lanes opened through Dublin, Pleasanton and Livermore in February 2016. The project involved converting HOV lanes to express lanes along I-580 between Dublin and Livermore. Prior to the conversion, new HOV lanes were constructed in the eastbound and westbound directions through the Tri-valley corridor. The eastbound conversion required additional roadway widening and installation of fully electronic tolling equipment throughout the project corridor. The westbound segment of the project required a complete lane widening to add the express lane and required buffer at areas of limited access.

AMG staff provided oversight for project development of $336 million suite of projects to construct the new I-580 HOV and Express lanes. Improvements included right of way acquisition, construction of new HOV/Express and auxiliary lanes, installation of TOS, toll system and ramp metering and pavement rehabilitation.

AMG staff led the JPA charged with implementing and operating the Alameda County Express Lanes. Responsibilities included planning, policy, design, financing, construction, operation, and system implementation. Additionally, AMG staff performed education and outreach activities in Alameda and San Joaquin Counties prior to the opening of the lanes to ensure seamless adoption by the traveling public.

I-680 Express Lanes, Alameda County
The I-680 Express Lane Project was the first of it’s kind in Northern California. It involved converting a 14 mile stretch of HOV lanes to Express Lanes on southbound I-680 from SR 84 south of Pleasanton to SR 237 in Milpitas. The I-680 Southbound Express Lane has been in operation since September 2010.

AMG staff was responsible for project development of both the civil elements and the electronic toll system from conception to operation. Work included procuring the Civil Element Design consultants, System Manager, System Integrator, and Construction Management teams. Programming the necessary funds along with managing the budget and schedule, and developing the business rules were among other tasks performed by the team. Extensive coordination with multiple agencies, including Caltrans, BATA, BAIFA and CHP and robust public education and outreach was required.

Client: Alameda County Transportation Commission