The Evolution of GoMentum

GoMentum Station is quickly becoming the largest premier connected autonomous vehicle testing facilities in the United States, and the AMG team is at its epicenter!  “More than an automated vehicle proving ground, it is the nexus of an automated vehicle safety ecosystem” (AAA NCNU). AMG civil and systems engineers are busy assisting AAA NCNU with the recent developments at GoMentum Station which are designed to elevate the autonomous vehicle testing experience for both public and private transportation professionals and advance the safety of automated driving systems.


AMG is providing design and oversight for the recent developments at GoMentum Station. The testing facility offers multiple dynamic environments for real-world connected and automated vehicle testing inn a safe and closed-course setting.


GoMentum Station’s Vehicle to everything (V2X) Lab enables efficient V2X testing and comprehensive training for city traffic engineers, Original Equipment Manufacturers, and technology innovators. Through the V2X Lab, AMG and partners are testing the most advanced technology signal systems the market has to offer.


AMG is leading the low speed autonomous shuttle testing for the CCTA’s Shared Autonomous Vehicle (SAV) pilot program and Automated Driving Systems demonstration program at GoMentum Station. Local Motors Ollie vehicles are currently testing at GoMentum Station. The data gathered during the testing will help increase safety performance measures and make this technology accessible for all.

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