Redefining Mobility Summit 2023

Each year Advanced Mobility Group has the pleasure of sponsoring and taking part in Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s (CCTA) Redefining Mobility Summit (RMS). Following the three-year pandemic, CCTA’s 8th Annual RMS 2023 turned out to be an exceptional event! This year, innovative transportation technologies were showcased, and teams of next generation thought leaders (stem students) provided hands on demonstrations in the Demonstration Zone. Additionally, international experts resumed in person attendance to take part in a comprehensive line-up of speaker sessions:


International transportation experts discuss the current state of transportation around the world, challenges from a global perspective, and the potential for international cooperation in creating more sustainable and efficient transportation systems.

Moderator: Tim Haile, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
Dr. Takashi Oguchi, University of Tokyo
Dr. Peter Van Deventer, Director of Coast to Coast, Province of Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Susan Harris, Chief Executive OfficerITS Australia


As technology continues to shape the way we live and work, the development of digital infrastructure is becoming increasingly important. The panel provided insights on the current state and future directions of digital infrastructure and explored the potential for these technologies to transform the transportation industry.

Moderator: Andrew Glass Hastings, Executive Director, Open Mobility Foundation
Michael Lim, Chief Executive Officer, Xtelligent
Todd Petersen, Chief Technology Officer, Lacuna
Alessandro Norscia, Vice President of Product, May Mobility
Andrew Cummins, Director of Strategy and Business Development, Archer


Discussion about trends and challenges that occur as autonomous mobility moves from pilots to deployment to support the greater commercialization, industrialization, and regulatory compliance of the future of transportation.

Moderator: Bernard Soriano, Deputy Director, California Department of Motor Vehicles
Pete Brink, Engineering Leader, Underwriter Laboratories
Sunmin Kim, Director of Public Policy, Applied Intuition
Joe Moye, Chief Executive Officer, BEEP
Jeff Farrah, Executive Director, Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association
Steve Miller, Innovation Lead, Insurance Office of America
Zach Zeliff, Chief Product Design Officer, Glydways


Industry experts discuss the current state and future developments of zero emission vehicles, their impact on energy grids and infrastructure, and the role of alternative fuels in shaping the future of transportation.

Moderator: Bill Kelly, Bay Area LEEDS Board Member and Climate Action Pathways for Schools (CAPS) President and Founder
Dr. Steven Cliff, Executive Director, California Air Resources Board
Dr. Susan Shaheen, Professor and Co-director of Transportation Sustainability Research Center, UC Berkeley 
Dr. Matt Miyasato, Vice President Strategic Growth and Government Affairs, First Element
Josh Westerhold, Senior Manager Mobility & Innovation, Nissan Americas


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